There are many advantages to using Aluminium. This makes it a widely used product in many applications across a wide range of industries.

Although the tensile strength of pure aluminium is low, with the addition of alloying elements and tempering the mechanical properties can be greatly increased. Common alloying elements are manganese, silicon, magnesium and copper.

Light Metal
A major advantage of using aluminium is its low weight density (approximately one third of steel and copper). This characteristic makes it a commonly used metal in the transportation industry giving increased payloads and added fuel savings.

High Corrosion Resistance
Aluminium has a thin layer of oxide which forms on the surface when it is first exposed to the air. This film gives it an added resistance to corrosion. Although mainly used in its mill finished condition, by anodising or painting the aluminium will further increase the corrosion resistance as well as give a range of decorative finished. These advantages make aluminium a popular metal in the construction industry.

MG Metals - Aluminium Example MG Metals - Aluminium Example MG Metals - Aluminium Example
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